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Christopher Starnes MD FACP
143 Woodland Drive Southwest, Wise, VA, USA

Ph: 2763658071

First Class, Second Class / Third Class

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COM Multi Ifr Pilot and AME.  Previous owner of N107TT a Turbo C310 and N40469 an Aztec.  I work out of my wife's Dermatology clinic as I am s/p AML (Leukemia), a bone marrow transplant and bilateral below knee amputations.  I no longer practice Medicine but I help run my wife's clinic and see the occasional airman.  Please email me any questions you might have before your visit, i.e. any concerns you might have about not passing your medical.  Also, if you are not from the area and want to fly in to KLNP.  We have a crew car and are just a ten minute drive from the airport.  Joe, our airport manager will be happy to assist you, just let him know you are coming for your medical.

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    143 Woodland Drive Southwest, Wise, VA, USA

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