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Michael Landes
401 S 3rd St., Enid, OK 73701, USA

Ph: (580) 548-1112

First Class, Second Class / Third Class

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    401 S 3rd St., Enid, OK 73701, USA

    • Ed
      May 11, 2022 at 5:59 pm

      Very smooth experience for my first FAA Class 1 physical with Dr. Landes. Hardly any wait time, and they got to work with me as soon as I was taken back. Dr. Landes and staff were very professional and were familiar with the FAA requirements. My particular case required deferral unfortunately, but he spent plenty of time making sure I was comfortable with the process and steps going forward. Prior to my exam, he even took the time to call the regional flight surgeon to see if there was any way to issue my certification on the same day. Highly recommend this AME for first or recurring physicals.

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