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At Wingman Med one of the most common questions we get is if we can recommend a physician who is a qualified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to conduct an upcoming FAA medical examination. With over 2000 AMEs in the country it is difficult to provide a recommendation near where an individual lives. We decided to come up with a better solution for pilots.

How would you like to know what other pilots think of an AME? Our database is built on the FAA Designated Aviation Medical Examiners list. It allows for you to search by any location and will display a list and map of qualified AMEs in the area you choose. It also lets you read and write PIREPs on any AME in our database! We even have filter options* to help you narrow down the AME you want.

Look for AMEs with our map icon as they have verified with us they are actively performing FAA exams.

Find your best AME!

• Not all AMEs have Google Reviews available.

• Not all AMEs have signed up to provide the information necessary for advanced filter options.

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